Maybe I’m really an essayist?

My essay "Writing About Robots" is up on From The Earth To the Stars, the Asimov's writers' blog. It started out as the author's notes for my story "Sentient Being Blues" which appears in the March/April 2021 Asimov's. But honestly, I'm prouder of it than of the story it's meant to comment on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So… Continue reading Maybe I’m really an essayist?

The Benefits of Slow Drafting

Harlan Ellison undertook a strange form of barnstorming. He would wedge himself into a glass display window, in a popular bookstore, and, as a crowd slowly accumulated outside, he would write a short story, from start to end, over the course of a day. He would tape the finished pages, one after the other, up… Continue reading The Benefits of Slow Drafting

Q&A with Wendy Nikel, author of THE CONTINUUM

Curiousful: Without giving too much away, what is the setup for THE CONTINUUM? Wendy Nikel:  THE CONTINUUM follows the story of Elise, who is a professional time traveler. She works for the Place in Time Travel Agency, which, aside from running a normal travel agency as a front, also secretly provides clients the opportunity to… Continue reading Q&A with Wendy Nikel, author of THE CONTINUUM