Award Eligibility Post, 2021(ish)

Hi to everyone reading! It’s been a while—I’m amazed this blog has perservered in my absence!

It’s not exactly a chore, but it can be emotional work, to write an eligibility post. I have never been quite comfortable with them—I’m not great at self-promotion, or anything like that. But I had a conversation with myself yesterday, and one thing I told myself is that the eligibility post is not about promoting yourself, it’s about promoting your stories.

And this really threw the switch for me. I’m still dubious about having a second “career”, or any “career”, as a writer. But I really do care deeply about the stories, and the hard part for me has been the revelation that, outside of the text themselves, they have no voices of their own. They can’t hit up strangers in the library, or on social media, and say “Hey, don’t you want to read a great robot story?!” or, “You should really read me, the best Venus story published this month, probably, well, give it a try!” If I don’t speak for them, who will?

So, here is my eligibility list, with some surprises towards the end:

“Sentient Being Blues”, Asimov’s, Mar/Apr 2021, 7000 words

“God on a Bad Night”, 4700 words, included in the anthology PHILOSOPHY THROUGH SCIENCE FICTION STORIES, edited by: De Cruz, De Smedt, and Schwitzgebel; Bloomsbury, 2021

“The Last Ramone”, hyphen punk issue #1, July 21, 2021, 5000 words:

“Sentient Being Blues” (Reprint), Escape Pod #802, September 16, 2021:

*** The following two short stories are not published yet, but I believe will be, in time to be considered for 2021 Nebulas.

“VENUS EXEGESIS”, Asimov’s, March/April 2022 (so not available on newsstands before the end of 2021), 7550 words.

“Ennead in Retrospect”, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2022, 4000 words.

If you want copies of any or all of these, for purposes of awards readings, please contact me at chrisrose <dot> chrisrose <at> gmail <dot> com, I will be glad to send copies your way!

Just to be clear—I think both of those stories Jan/Feb 2022 stories will be eligible for Hugo and Locus awards, in 2022, but eligible for Nebulas in 2021, because the Nebula rules (actually the FAQ) includes this: “All works that are published and available to the public in a calendar year will be taken as eligible for that calendar year for purposes of the Nebula awards, regardless of the issue date on the cover or other label.” Those rules are available here:

Postscript: I am really proud of the stories I published this year. I see other people around me publishing just reams of stuff, and I am proud of their accomplishments too. We are an artistic and creative family, we speculative fiction writers, and the more we improve, as a group, the more our fiction (and related works) will be read and appreciated down through future ages. I don’t begrudge anybody anything.

But damn, I’m happy with what I got out the door, and into print, this year. I hope some bit of it speaks to you—


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