Eligibility Post 2022, and Update

There is nothing like coming back to a blog you started in earnest, and blowing the dust and cobwebs off the once-shiny entries and links. Time has a way of sneaking up on us, and our blogs. Thanks to anyone who for any reason stops in occasionally!

First, to business. I had two stories that are completely eligible for everything this year. Unfortunately, neither is freely available online, but I am sincere in saying I will be glad to send soft copies to anyone who asks.

“Ennead in Retrospect” appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #759, Jan/Feb 2022.

“Venus Exegesis” was featured in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2022.

Also there’s a little essay of mine about that Venus story, in the Asimov’s Authors Blog, here: https://fromearthtothestars.com/2022/03/31/your-truthful-sister/

That concludes the eligibility portion of this entry. You might be saying to yourself now “Chris, what happened? You looked so productive last year! 2022 was supposed to be your year to break out?!” I’ll confess, I’ve thought similarly, several times over the course of this year.

But to be honest, I feel like I’ve been moving faster than ever. For one thing, I had a sizable novella—like, 17000 words— accepted by a pro magazine, now waiting on revisions from the editor. (It is slated for publication Aug/Sep 2023, so, keep an eye open for that!)

Also, I finally completed my paper “A Novel Encoder for DC-Balanced SpaceWire” finished, including a C-model simulation using actual data from DART spacecraft integration. That was exciting to me, and also a big relief, that the thing actually worked, and that the paper was accepted (to the International SpaceWire and SpaceFibre Conference) and that I went to that conference, in Pisa, and presented it in a respectable fashion. Huzzah! And I’ll present that same material twice more—as an Engineering Talk for the space electronics group at APL, and again for the Janney Grant that provided funding for my travel.

Also I did a presentation for the Cislunar Security Conference—not sure if my suggestions regarding security-enhanced routers for intra-spacecraft communications got any traction with that crowd, but I gave it my best shot.

I have a SF short that is just on the cusp of being ready for submission, and I think it has a good chance of being accepted at the market I’m targeting for it. I know I’ve said that before (looking at you, sad narwhal story) but I had an encouraging and revelatory chat with the market’s editor during DisCon III last November, so I feel like I’m standing on the threshold. Could be a sale before the the new year?

One other story (the Pluto one) in completed in draft and waiting for some insight before a rewrite, and two—no three—sprawly novellas in bits and pieces. I’m hoping one of those will come together early in the new year.

I do feel like the SpaceWire paper made me feel that it’s not impossible for me to complete a technical or science project and get a paper accepted. So, to be honest, I forsee a kind of competition for my attention and free time, between science fiction and non-quite-science fiction. We’ll see how that goes!

Best wishes for your upcoming holidays—thanks for reading!


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