Hi!  My name is Christopher M. Rose.  I’m writing fiction, occasionally, and I’m blogging a bit about my experience with that.  I’m working on a first novel, and I have a small handful of short stories.

There are lots of Christopher Roses, even some others that write.  I live in Baltimore, and I’m a member of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society.  I am, as of this writing, unpublished.

I have an email address, which is the best way to reach me if you’re trying to contact me about my work.  The address is chrisrose <dot> chrisrose <at> gmail <dot> com.  I’m pretty confident that I can respond to all reasonable correspondence to that address within a few days.

Also, there is an account on Twitter, <at sign> CChrisrose.   I know, that’s annoying.  I will try to figure out the syntax to put the appropriate link in here, sometime soon.  On this account I tweet mostly about writing, and often make attempts at spazzy humor – but it’s a little bit of everything. I vent, I gush.  I try to give a fairly honest impression of myself here.

Further, there is a Facebook account.  That shouldn’t be too hard to find.  Mostly friends and family are connected to that.  But if you have an interest, please do send a friend request – I’m friendly with all sorts of folks.

Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I loved “Monstrance of Sky” via Escape Pod (which I also love). Do you have other stories posted elsewhere? I rarely read blogs, and, sadly, I find the WordPress blog site too confusing. I do look forward to more of your story-writing, however.


    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! I have more stories, not yet published, and the process to getting them published is a slow one. Surely I’ll post here when something comes out. Also I’m on Twitter as (at)CChrisrose, and I also have an account on Facebook.


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