Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest 2015

I’m thrilled to report that my short story “A Thousand Solomons” has won first place in the Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s Amateur Writing Contest! Congratulations to fellow awardees T. Eric Bakutis and Michael B. Tager, and sincere thanks to everyone who makes the contest happen each year.

Information about the Baltimore Science Fiction Society and the contest can be found at the BSFS website.  I’ve been going to the Critique Circle there for upwards of a year now, and feel like I’ve made some good friends there and gotten a lot of good advice and feedback on my early work, which has been a mixed bag in terms of quality.

The prizes were awarded at Capclave this prior weekend – Capclave is a convention that focuses on short form fiction, put on by the Washington Science Fiction Association.  I was truly disappointed not to be able to attend.  Wow, the programming looked interesting to me – I’d like to go in future years, surely.

“A Thousand Solomons” will be printed in the program for Balticon, which will be held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, Memorial Day Weekend 2016. I will be reading the story there as well. My experiences at the Crit Circle, and the process of reading bedtime stories for my kids, have transformed my initial fear of reading my work to others, and now it’s something I really enjoy doing.  No one can be a better advocate for your own work than you can when you read it out loud.

I think BSFS intends to put the story up on the web for some period of time also.  If that happens, it will surely be linked here.

The Guest of Honor for Balticon 2016 will be George R. R. Martin. OK I have to admit I’m a little starstruck.  I have read all the GoT books through at least once.

As it is the 50th year of Balticon, many of the prior Guests of Honor have been invited to return.  Just the living ones, I’m guessing.  I’m excited to be in attendance with so many talented writers and real figures in the field (and a little apprehensive that I’m not familiar with a lot of their work!)
Info and registration for Balticon are at

Hope to see everyone there!